“Him Doing the Talking and Me Doing the Listening”

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How have we turned something so simple into something so complicated? My friend Marty is a master at sharing Jesus through his normal conversations. He’s learned through the years of cross-cultural witness that it usually begins with us listening. Read this short story below of how Jura is being introduced to Jesus today in Asia. I wonder . . . does this apply to those of us who live in our own Jerusalems?

Pray for Jura!

Jura has more than 10 relatives living near the bazaar.  He is responsible for all of them, but he himself doesn’t work, he just “solves problems.”  I met him 1 ½ years ago.  His mother-in-law was on her deathbed with cancer.  He let me pray for her in Jesus’ name and she is still alive and doing well.  We have always discussed spiritual things, but it is more him doing the talking and me listening. 

That is, until last week.  Over tea, I showed him how Jesus healed the paralytic in Mark 2. Jura grabbed the Bible from my hand and said, “This is like what happened when you prayed for my mother-in-law!” I told him that only Jesus can heal our bodies and, more importantly, only Jesus can heal us from our sin.  He now listened and agreed.  I then showed him a short Creation-To-Christ video in his language, Tajik, which I don’t understand.  I asked him to tell me whether it was done well or not. He listened intently, and then proceeded to retell the whole story concluding with Jesus being the Perfect Sacrifice.  He also wanted a copy of the video.  Two days ago I called Jura while on the way to give him the copy.  He repeatedly asked, “Are you sure you are bringing the video?”  Please plead with God for Jura’s salvation.  


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Dean of the College of Intercultural Studies Columbia International University

How do we communicate with those around us about Jesus? How are we listening to their life and speaking in a way they understand?



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