“Why don’t you believe in Muhammad?”

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Occasionally we post blogs from the mission of God front lines. The following comes from a team leader who works among least reached peoples groups in a large urban context in central Asia.

Last month, you prayed for Isa and his family when they invited us to a “break the fast” dinner. That night, after dinner and playing many games of Jenga, Isa and I sat out on his balcony. I pulled out my smartphone and asked him to watch The Prophet’s Story (a Creation-to-Christ video) in his language. He attentively watched the whole video. Isa knows Islam well and practices it seriously. I expected some objections from him after the video. Instead, he looked at me very seriously and declared, “We believe all this.” He immediately asked, “Why don’t you believe in Muhammad?” I didn’t know how to respond; he caught me flatfooted. My first desire was to say, “No, you don’t believe all that!” We talked more about Jesus’ perfect nature, His embrace of the penalty of my sin, and the affirmation of God in Jesus’ resurrection. Again Isa said, “We believe all that. Now, why don’t you believe in Muhammad?” I left that night wondering, “What is God doing in Isa’s life?” Is this a step on his road to faith or just a warning that I am not clearly communicating? I took comfort in that even if I can explain everything correctly to Isa, God is still the only One who can bring Isa to Jesus. Please, as you read this, breathe a prayer for Isa’s salvation. 

Why don’t followers of Jesus believe in Muhammad? Or, what do we believe about Muhammad? And how do we communicate that to a Muslim friend/seeker?

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Mike Barnett is dean of the College of Intercultural Studies at Columbia International University and editor of the recently released book Discovering the Mission of God.



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